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Braishfield Walk

Distance: 4.5 mile

Approx. time: 2 hours

Start/Finish: Recreational ground, Braishfield, SO51 0PX

This is a 4.5 mile walk around the village of Braishfield, by Malcolm Price.

Transport: Parking is available in the recreation ground near the                          Braishfield Pantry (07506 148700)

Refreshments: The Wheatsheaf Inn (01794 368652)

Turn right from the car park and, crossing Braishfield Road with care, continue to the war memorial on the right. Here cross the road and walk along Dummers Road and the Monarch’s Way, to the duck pond. Bear left towards the church. Immediately after the church, follow a finger sign to the right, up a gravelled path. This path definitely has the air of usage since ancient times and on a sunny autumn day the ¾ mile (1.25km) walk has glowing beauty. Continue forwards, ignoring left and right paths, until we reach the metalled Farley Lane.Turn left here and walk for 300m to the King’s Somborne Road, where, after a slight right turn, cross the road, to a way marked path up a wide track. This takes us past Braishfield Manor on the left, to the hilltop to an area of popular horse rides.

Following this wide track for nearly ½ mile, it is possible to see hills on the Isle of Wight on a good day, watch out for a double fingerpost on the left directing the walker between hedges until Eldon Lane is reached. Turn left as the lane bends right. Notice the ancient Hall Place. After 100 metres watch out for a stile on the left. Picking up the Monarch’s Way, go into the field and follow the hedge on the right, to the kissing gate. Over a new stile, following the hedge on the left, to meet a road, where the footpath opposite must be taken.

This footpath is narrow and climbs for a short time to descend to the Braishfield Road again. Turn left, watching for traffic, the next path is rather secretively hidden on the right hand side, after Combe Willows House but before Wyndhams. Following a lovely pathway to a gravel road, we turn right where we rejoin our earlier route. From the village duck pond, into Drummers Lane, and a left turn takes us back to the car park and village hall.

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