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Walking the Clarendon Way

Part one - Salisbury to  Clarendon Palace

Distance: 3 miles     

Approx time: 1-2 hours

The Clarendon Way begins at the magnificent medieval Salisbury Cathedral; its landmark spire is the tallest in Britain and is visible for miles, guiding travellers into the city. Surrounding this awe-inspiring cathedral are the lawns of the elegant close, within whose massive ancient walls you will find the charming Mompesson House, a 13th century banqueting hall and two outstanding museums, the Salisbury and South Wiltshire Museum and the Wardrobe Military Museum.

Leave the city via Milford Street, and drop down to cross the River Bourne at the medieval stone Milford Bridge, where the pretty mill house still stands. Walk onwards along a hollow way called Queen Manor Road, go through Rangers Lodge Farm and then enjoy the peace and quiet of the forest at Clarendon Park, once home to one of the three top royal hunting palaces in the country.

Clarendon palace.jpg
Salisbury Cathedral.jpg

Salisbury Cathedral

Larmas at clarndon palace.jpg

Llamas at Clarendon Palace

Clarendon palace.jpg

Clarendon Palace

Refreshments: Lots of places to eat and drink in Salisbury, inlcuding a cafe in Salisbury Cathedral.

Accommodation: A range of hotel's and B&B's in Salisbury.

Public Transport: Train and buses to Salisbury city centre. There is no public transport to Clarendon Palace, there is a Wilts and Dorset bus service for Pitton and Winterslow on the Clarendon Way.

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