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King's Somborne Circular Walk

Distance: 3 mile walk

Approx. time: 1 hour 30 minutes

Start/Finish: King’s Somborne recreation ground, SO20 6PP

Parking is available at Village Hill Car Park.

This is a very attractive walk from King’s Somborne playing fields, just off the A 3057. There are stunning views and a walk along the old railway line, now the Test Way, with a pub stop at ‘The John O’Gaunt’ at Horsebridge.

Refreshments: The John O’Gaunt Inn, Horsebridge (01794 388644)

                          The Crown Inn, King’s Somborne (01794 388360)

Coming from the south, the car park is discreetly sign posted to the right as you enter the village. From the village hall, follow the path eastwards around the enclosed netball pitch, towards the hedges. There the route follows slightly left, then right, around the hedges, and up the hill along a path that runs parallel to the road.Climb the hill and at the top the old Roman Road meets from the left and where there are excellent views of the countryside. The walker crosses the A3057 (WATCH OUT FOR FAST TRAFFIC) to more views of the hills reaching down towards the Test River. Follow the path down to the road and turn right to Horsebridge and the ‘John O’Gaunt’ pub which one easily sees on the corner of the T-junction. Turning right out of the pub, an old mill and bridge over the river commands an interest. Continuing around the corner there, the Test Way/ Monarch’s Way crosses the road.  Turn right to walk along the double Ways for 1 km until crossed by a gravelly track.  (Here, turning left one can see the river).

Leaving the Test Way to turn right and up the hill the walk once more shows splendid views. This path, past How Park Farm, is on the Clarendon Way which follows the Roman Road between Winchester and Old Sarum. At the top of the hill turn right along a footpath which descends gently to the A3057 once again. Across the road, almost immediately, but slightly to the right, is the narrow path to the car park.

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