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There are many different worlds to explore at Paultons Park Family Theme Park

Travel back in time to the Lost Kingdom, immerse yourself in Peppa Pig’s very own theme park, discover the curious critters in Critter Creek or learn about the fascinating birds and animals in Wild Lands.

Paultons Park Family Theme Park is home to the world’s largest and first Peppa Pig World with 9 fun rides suitable for young children and perfect for toddlers! Meet Peppa Pig and George, the cartoons most popular characters who appear every day that the Park is open for photograph opportunities with their loving fans on the veranda in front of the school house. Mummy Pig, Daddy Pig, Zoe Zebra and Suzy Sheep also make seasonal appearances. Find out more.

Tornado Springs in as an American adventure theme park set in a mid-west desert town in the 1950s, with 8 incredible rides including: a spinning coaster, gyro swing ride, driving school, and the new Farmyard flyer junior rollercoaster. Find out more.

Into Dinosaurs then the Lost Kingdom Dinosaur Theme Park will be a firm favourite! Step into a Jurassic world theme park where Dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes greet your every turn, all located within an unbelievable prehistoric landscape where you will see, hear, and feel that you have been catapulted back to a long forgotten era. Along with a whole host of attractions including two world class roller coasters, lifelike animatronic Dinosaurs, Jurassic themed family rides, a prehistoric Dinosaur adventure play park and an amazing opportunity to come face to face with our 'living' walking animatronic Dinosaurs - a treat for all dinosaur lovers! Find out more.

Wild Lands the Animal Adventure is home to a variety of different animals, including Fennec fox, Slender-tailed meerkats, Yellow mongoose, as well as the largest rodent in Africa, the Cape porcupine and also the smallest, the African pygmy mouse. At the centre of Wild Lands is an impressive bird aviary where a mix of bird species such as Lilac-breasted roller, Black-crowned night heron and Superb starling call it their home. Find out more.

Critter Creek is a fully themed world of strange mixed-up creatures known as the ‘Curious Critters’! There are roller coasters for kids, family rides and much more to discover.

You can take a ride on the Cat-o-pillar rollercoaster and discover enormous colourful plants and animals the likes of which have never been seen before. The exhilarating coaster swoops and rises up to 10 metres high – it’s a perfect family coaster to enjoy together.

Critter Creek is also home to Professor Blast’s Expedition Express Train, a delightful journey for the little ones. Find out more.

Paultons also launched best-in-class mobile app functionality in 2022. Guests can now easily download digital copies of their memorable ride photos by simply scanning a QR code. This functionality, the first of its kind for UK theme park apps, also digitises guest photo passes, previously only available in paper format. This provides a brilliant new experience for guests. As well as the new photography functionality, the Paultons Park app provides guests with key information such as park opening dates and hours, as well as live data on queue and show times, food and drink menus, park news, information and facts on the park’s hundreds of animals and more. In addition, the app offers visitors an interactive, high-fidelity map with directions and real-time user location, enabling guests to easily navigate the 140-acre Park.

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